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Teccon offers both waterproofing and damp proofing coatings which can be applied to a range of foundations including concrete, block and ICF forms. The coatings are designed to prevent the passage of water and other liquids through the membrane. The coating or sealant is protected by a dimple plastic drainage board which is produced by DMX Plastics. DMX wrap is also known as foundation wrap, bubble wrap, blanket wrap and air gap membrane. DMX wrap is designed to withstand significant hydrostatic pressure. Together these products keep water away from the protected surface.

When applied to a foundation/basement, the spray-on coating will seamlessly span settling cracks during application as well as in the future. The membrane remains elastic at low temperatures ensuring NaturaSealís waterproofing coating remains reliable application regardless of temperature fluctuations. Waterproofing can be used in various building situations such as blindside waterproofing, foundation waterproofing and for between-slab applications. In addition, it can serve as a replacement for BlueSkin, Tremco Watchdog and Tough & Dry.

Like all Teccon products, the waterproofing application is made from top quality material with proven durability. The coatings are water-based and contain no VOCs, which means you can give your deck, foundation and exterior walls superior protection at no cost to the environment.

Teccon also offers an Air Barrier/AirSeal that is spray-on, waterproof, breathable and weather resistant serving as a replacement to any Typar/Tyvek application. NaturaSealís Air Barrier/AirSeal is an elastomeric coating for industrial, commercial and residential air barrier use.

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